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I had many questions about the construction and remodeling process, how long it takes and how much it costs. The Bkny Interiors team was patient and provided an incredible service !! with closed eyes, I hire them again.
Michelle M. image
Michelle M.
Very happy with the results!
The professionals of Bkny Interiors  came every day to finish my kitchen and it was amazing !!! The boys are professionals and extremely educated. Highly recommended
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Rachel P.
The customer service was excellent. Bkny Interiors answered all my questions about the construction project I needed and was able to provide a fair and accessible quote.
Good prices !!
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Reza R.
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Bkny Interiors worked tirelessly over the past month, they paid attention to the details and did a beautiful job with the renovation of the new home.
Absolutely I will recommend it to all my friends.
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Melissa B.
I called the Bkny Interiors team to ask some questions about the home improvement construction project. They were very useful and helped me understand the next step. You really notice his experience
Thank you !!
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Alison T.
Customers will not be disappointed. Bkny Interiors worked hard last week on my project in the new house. They painted the walls and put a beautiful wooden floor. I'm super happy with them. Amazing results!
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Eddie S.
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It was the 10th company maybe that I called that week and i was in a rush to close a bathroom remodel. Bkny Interiors took care or me and answered all my questions. I'm very satisfied!!!
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Matt C.
Bkny Interiors one of the best contractors i have worked with... i enjoy the effective way they chose to remodel the bathrooms.
It looks great and it brings newness to the whole house... amazing .
Mike N. image
Mike N.
Gotta admit I didn't think Bkny Interiors would respect me so much !!! They fix my wall and filled it... They painted over it and it looks brand new! Gave the house a slick bachelor look that i love
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Ron C.
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